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We are all very excited about our upcoming solo exhibition of new work by Canadian Photographer, David Burdeny. We have been representing David Burdeny now for almost 8 years and every show is surrounded by excitement. From the moment we get to preview the first few images of a new series, to when the works arrive and we get to uncrate them and finally see them on the wall, we are all abuzz with the intoxicating images Mr. Burdeny unleashes on us.

We are going to start a new series of blogs titled “In the Studio With:” to share with you a bit of the artist process. Some artists are shrouded in mystery and other are very open and we think it will be fun to share these experiences. Rather like doing a studio visit with me!

And so we start with David as his show, “XS (as in extra small) 2011- 2014” opens here on January 31st and we will be the first gallery to show this work. The work was taken over a 3 year period at architectural theme parks in China and Japan. The photographs are of small scale models of famous architecture and cites which have been built to a 1:25 scale. The images achieve impossible focus by layering anywhere between ten to twenty frames of shallow focus into one sharply delineated frame.  They utilize layered illusion with assumed reality, with apparent or perceived reality. When closely examined, the subjects are obviously not real, but they are close enough to be suspicious.  The architecture is very convincing while the landscapes and human forms are less so.  It’s almost as if the closer we get to nature and our selves the less we seem to know the about it and the complexities that make us human. Or at least appear so.

Acropolis tif

Here is a panoramic shot of David’s expansive studio. The volume of space will have all artists green with envy! This studio is all cleaned up and ready for the East Vancouver Culture Crawl. I wonder what it looks like right now as he’s just crated up the photographs that are coming to Calgary for their debut?!