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Design Guru, Bruce Mau Selects Angela Leach as an Artist that Inspires Him.

In a special series, The Globe and Mail partners with award-winning platform Wondereur to explore the diversity of contemporary art from a completely new perspective. The Globe and Wondereur approach radically different minds engaged in culture across the country and around the world. Each month, they ask them to share  the work of a contemporary Canadian artist who deeply touches them. This month, Globe Arts editor Jared Bland talks to designer Bruce Mau about his childhood, enterprise design and the work of an artist he’s selected for this project, Angela Leach.

The photo essay on Wondereur (wondereur.com) is a gorgeous tribute to one of Canada’s top abstract painters. In the article she discusses how she literally suffers for her art. Angela’s painstakingly precise works are done by hand with small, fine brushes and often require a minimum of 8 coats to achieve the level opacity that she desires. In this article, the artist opens up in her typically humble and down to earth way about her art and the struggle to make it. Please enjoy!

Angela Leach 2