I work Saturdays on 11th Ave and I have a routine of my favorite things to do on the beltline before & after work, maybe you would also enjoy them!

      1. Coffee

There are so many places to grab a latte on 11th Ave. We have Bumpy’s Café, Redheads, and KAWA.

  1. Croissants

You cannot be on the beltline on a Saturday morning without grabbing one of Brûlée Patisserie’s fresh homemade croissants. But don’t wait too long as they sell fast!

  1. Shops

There are so many unique shopping spots on and just off of 11th; my favorites include: Shelf Life Book Store, Stuff, Kit Interior Objects, Shaun Ford & Co, Cookbook Company, A Vintage Affair, and The Camera Shop! I promise you will come across unique finds!

  1. Galleries

It is always a must to swing through the local galleries! We are so incredibly fortunate to have Paul Kuhn Gallery, Herringer Kiss Gallery, New Zones Gallery, and Trepanier Baer Gallery, all a stone throw away from one another! In just a block you can see exhibitions of leading contemporary Canadian Artists right here in Calgary!

  1. Wine&Beer

When the day is all said and done, whether you’re on route home or want to grab a cold one, 11th Ave has great options for you. There is Metrovino where you can discover decedent wines and amazing customer service. If your mood is leaning towards the hops Last Best Brewery has many tasteful options for you with their in-house brewery.

Of course I am biased; however I wanted to share these amazing places with you. I am on 11th Ave every day and it is always enjoyable because of our amazing local businesses!