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We have been representing Calgary based artist, Lauren Walker for 16 months. During that time she has undergone a gradual but continual evolution as an artist. This is exciting and gratifying for me as her dealer and as a collector. When we first brought Lauren on, her work was mostly collage, using found papers, tissue, maps and of course beautiful, exotic pieces of wood. Her work was tight, condense and relied heavily on a grid system for structure. We immediately did well with her work, placing it beautiful homes and large corporate collections alike. ImageBut Lauren continued to push and experiment with her studio practice rather than continue where she felt safe. Her work began to break free from the tight grid and she introduced more loose, painterly elements that swirled and looped across the picture plane. Sometimes these were biomorphic and sometimes like cartoon dialogue bubbles. The work became more playful and she experimented with patterns and balanced collage with bold colour blocking.

ImageMost recently, one week exactly, to her first ever solo exhibition, she brought me a figurative painting. This piece incorporates everything she’s been dealing with in her practice; collage, colour blocking, pattern, abstract biomorphic shapes and now a portrait. The painting, “Awaken”, is yet another break through for this young, daring artist. The elements of the portrait that she allows to show through are luscious and natural and over top is a perfectly balanced network of collage, pattern and colour.

ImageLauren Walker has evolved so far in such a short amount of time that it makes me very excited to see what she will do next. She is certainly an artist to watch!