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ADAC Calgary Gallery Hop Postcard

This Saturday, May 28th will be the first ever ADAC Calgary Gallery Hop! ADAC stands for Art Dealers Association of Canada which is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1966. ADAC is the only National Association of art dealers representing artists throughout Canada. ADAC maintains a high standard of connoisseurship and adherence to ethical practice within the profession. Dealers are selected for their knowledge and scholarship in their respective fields of expertise.

Bill_Laing Svea Ferguson Artist Documentation The Banff Centre 2015 BAiR

Bill Laing and Svea Ferguson will be ambassadors at the Herringer Kiss Gallery on May 28th.


The 8 member galleries of Calgary (listed above) have decided to host a Gallery Hop to help introduce a larger audience to the top galleries in town and to talk to people about how we function. How we work with collectors both new and well known to build art collections around their tastes and how we work with artists to build their reputations and careers. These two things go hand in hand as as our artists’ careers take off and they begin to get important shows and have their work placed in prestigious collections, our clients’ investments in our artists also rises.


Chris Cran, who currently has a major exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, will be an ambassador for the Trepanier Baer Gallery on May 28th.)


This Saturday, each gallery will have a local artist (or two) acting as an ambassador for their gallery; greeting visitors, touring them through the gallery and answering questions. There is also wine tasting as Metrovino (Wine Purveyor to the Galleries) has paired wines with each gallery’s exhibition.


Mark Mullen will be an ambassador for the Paul Kuhn Gallery on May 28th.


It should be fun and informative and you will be able to meet 8 local artists whose works are highly sought. So don’t be shy! Come on out, ask questions and you will learn why these galleries are the top in the city! For more information visit the Facebook page or call 403-228-4889,


Brent_Laycock  Bill_Rodgers_9996_13b

Brent Laycock (left) will be an ambassador for the Wallace Galleries and Bill Rodgers (right) will be an ambassador for the Jarvis Hall Gallery on May 28th.