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The Holidays are fast approaching, and I can’t help but feel a little over whelmed. This year, above most, is about getting the gift that MEANS the most. This is not a year to buy things just to buy things. There is no shame in spending your hard earned money on the things that you love, but what if those items gained value over the years, rather than depreciating like most of consumer goods. Consumer goods that have ranked the highest for loosing value after purchase included: video games, cars, electronic, and jewelry. Purchases that have ranked highest for maintaining or increasing in value: art, real state, energy efficient home improvements, and vintage collectables.

Being a young couple can take some time to get settled; we have spent the last year settling into our home and living through renovations, this has created an awareness of smart consumerism and more minimal design. Finding the difference between filling and styling our home and making our purchases count; why can’t gifts be investments too?

We decided to do fewer gifts this year, and put our money towards art and custom framing for our main entryway. One of my favourite things about living in Calgary, and being a part of the energetic arts community is the people you meet, and the stories to be told; by the people, and the art work. Our art collection is humble, but educated. And it grows every year. One of our favorite new traditions passed on to us is writing on the backs of our framed works the year of purchase and the occasion. It’s been a great conversation starter for when company comes over, especially during the Holidays!