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Lauren Walker, "When the Mobile Shifts", Mixed Media on Wood, 36" x 36", 2015

Lauren Walker, “When the Mobile Shifts”, Mixed Media on Wood, 36″ x 36″, 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year again, Summer Group Shows! I personally love these shows. It is so much fun to pull out works that otherwise wouldn’t hang together in the gallery due to solo and thematic shows. But during the summer we can have some fun and play with colour and shapes and compositions and we begin to see interesting correlations that we otherwise wouldn’t see. So here are some works that really identify with summer; summer heat, summer colour, summer shapes and even summer sounds!

The piece above by Lauren Walker really echos of the place she comes from, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. In this painting you can see spray from the ocean waves, patterns from quilts on the beds and circles of the buoys her parents hang from the trees.

Laurel Johannesson, "The Oblivion Seekers 3", Digital Print on Aluminum,  42" x 56", 2015

Laurel Johannesson, “The Oblivion Seekers 3″, Digital Print on Aluminum, 42″ x 56”, 2015

In this piece by Laurel Johannesson, we can truly hear the ocean! The sounds of the waves and the wind and the cries of the seagulls. It is an image bleached by sun and reflects our memories of summers past.

Joe Fleming, "Cosmic Chandelier", Enamel on Polycarbonate, 46" x 36", 2015

Joe Fleming, “Cosmic Chandelier”, Enamel on Polycarbonate, 46″ x 36″, 2015

This painting by Joe Fleming represents for me those amazing summer storms. I see clouds followed by rays of light and rainfall represented as crystals from God’s chandelier.

Nate McLeod, Ojo de Dios, 2013

Nate McLeod, “Ojo de Dios”, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 76″ x 106″, 2013

And finally what could speak more of summer than this painting by Nate McLeod. Taking you to the beaches of Mexico or South California complete with the must-have mexican blanket and girls in bikinis.

Our Annual Art for Food Show donates an emergency food hamper to feed a family of 4 for an entire week for every $1,000 sold. The works change weekly so come by and visit often!