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For Elizabeth Barnes, her studio is her laboratory. Located in the 1000 Parker Street warehouse that many Vancouver based artists (including David Burdeny and Fiona Ackerman) have their studio spaces, Elizabeth pursues every idea and every painting to its full conclusion.

Elizabeth is a colourist and here she experiments and plays with her work. She uses tape to create hard edges and the multitude of permutations that line and colour can create. She will often tape and paint, remove the tape and then tape and paint over what she just created, just to leave the slightest hint of the colour underneath, causing the eye to vibrate over that spot on the work.  You can see her at work in her studio in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K85tRq_YDwc

She also plays with her remnant tape, creating playful, colourful sculptures as seen in the picture above. Her studio is a place where she can display her works to see how the interact with each other.  From here, she may decide to re-paint a piece yet again or omit a painting from an exhibition to be left as a source for inspiration for the next series.

Her current show at Herringer Kiss Gallery titled “Endless Murmuring” describes her studio practice and her paintings perfectly. The works murmur to each other. They “Bulge”, “Peak” and “Merge” with each other in a harmonious yet playful way. Her show opens on May 9th from 2 to 5 pm and runs until May 30, 2015.