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MarioLast week, we excitedly received the freshly published Mario Trejo books, “Mario Trejo – Paintings 2008 – 2015”. The books are beautiful with exquisite reproductions of his detailed, intricate work. Included as well is an essay, titled “Mario Trejo and the Battle of Attention” by Meredith Tromble.

Mario Trejo’s work is constructed of millions or hand drawn marks, dominantly black and white, on paper, wood panel or found objects. His work is defiant in many ways; defiant over human limitations as he draws his idiosyncratic circles or repetitive lines to the point of obsession, defiant over trends in the fickle art world and defiant in a society that appreciates its artists less than ever before. Meredith Tromble says of Mario’s work; “They contain the excitement of their making, a continuous marshaling of attention that seems wondrous in our age of distraction.”

Come in and take a look at Mario Trejo’s work! You will get the book when you buy a painting!

kiss4Mario Trejo, “Untitled IX”, Archival Ink on Enamel, 24″ x 18″