Knocking on Heavens Door_107x40x50cm_Edof2_2015

“Knocking on Heavens Door” depicts two of Skoracki’s little bronze figures; one set high on the gallery  wall stands upon a cloud; the other figure stands on a mound of rock set on a plinth just below. The two figures face one another, their body language as loud as words and although far apart and out of reach they are united and connected with rope that the little figures grasp within their tiny hands. This piece really resonated with me personally. It speaks to triumphs, obstacles, and distance; a sense of longing for an individual or a high goal. A concept that, I think, everyone can relate.

Skoracki has a unique and at times cheeky perspective on everyday occurrences, something for which he has become recognized. This show is diverse in the many perspectives on every day trials and tribulations. Portrayed with a somewhat cynical, cheeky and even heartwarming element of humor. This is an exhibition that will resonate with people of diverse backgrounds, bringing them together for a thoughtful experience and maybe a good laugh.

– Shyla Wolf