Reinhard in the studio

Reinhard Skoracki, a German born artist who lives and works from his home studio here in Calgary. Skoracki’s practice is sculpture based; using bronze casting as a fundamental element in his work; he also explores a variety of other medias to support his ideas and to set the stage for his figures.

Skoracki uses his home studio space to generate new ideas and concepts. Here, he plays and tinkers. Once the initial concepts come together he sculpts the figures into wax. He then plays with installation and display methods to create his “table top melodramas”. Following this he sends the wax models to the foundry where they are cast in bronze.

After casting the bronze figures return to his home studio space where Skoracki sands the rough edges and applies the patina. During this step Skoracki finalizes his method of display for each figure, incorporating plinths, shelving, and sometimes 2D supports which hang behind the sculptures. Often, Skoracki paints and applies additional elements directly on the walls of where the piece is displayed.

His newest work in the upcoming exhibition, invites the viewer to question the banality of both everyday life and the art world. In these staged social situations traditional relationships are inverted, and new ones are created and simultaneously thematized. It’s about how we choose to organize our lives; what we believe in; how deviation is the spice of existence; and how the inconceivable can be made not only conceivable but even possible.

“The Green Grass of Home” runs from April 4th to May 2nd with the Opening Reception on April 11 2015.

You can watch a short video of Reinhard’s process by clicking here.