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Kenn Webb_Bonsai_Island_20153

Ken Webb, a Calgary based print maker and painter studied at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, as well as the Royal College of Art in London, England where he completed his post-graduate studies. During his teaching career Ken taught at the University of Calgary, and has recently retired from permanent facility at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary.

Kenn Webb Studio 2

Interestingly enough Webb’s studio space consists of 2 separate areas; one, a bright-cozy library-like room is dedicated to research, digital manipulation and print archives. This is where the work begins. The second, a lower level space is utilized as a woodshop/paint studio.

Kenn Webb studio 4

Much like Webb’s studio spaces, his work utilizes separate elements to create a concrete whole. Webb explores documentary photography and narrative to create his paintings. This interest informs the initial selection of imagery. Webb utilizes this imagery to represent only a fragment of an experience or event. The painted elements in the work allude to the physical, the here and now, which oscillates between opacity and clarity and the graphic elements become punctuations. The narrative in these images is no longer tethered to a fact or memory associated with the sites or figures that are recorded – it is at this juncture that a personal interpretation can unfold.

Kenn Webb 2

For an up-close look Webb’s new series “From Base Line to Islands in the Sun (Not a Travel Log)” will be displayed in the gallery from February 28th – March 28th 2015.