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System_60x48“System”, Oil, Enamel & Earth on Panel, 60″ x 48″, 2014


Curtis Cutshaw’s new exhibition “Levels and Constructs” is a departure from his previous series “The Dowsing Rod Series”; a body of work which relied on technical perfection and a removal of the artist’s “touch”. The new series however is based heavily on intent and the artist’s touch.

As seen in “System” (image above) the formal qualities of Russian constructivists and Canadian Plasticiens are evident; where elements such as line, balance, positive vs. negagtive space and layering are present.

Cutshaw is working on individual birch wood tiles that allow him to deconstruct abstract elements and thereby create broken images.  Just like a puzzle, the viewer’s mind wants to re‐assemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there. While these works may appear spontaneous, Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. Every piece, every mark; whether it is painted, drawn or scratched is intentional. The artist’s hand, his touch, his construction is the center of each piece in this new exciting body of work.