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08 Diamond Dust 37x33.5 2014“Diamond Dust”, Oil on Canvas, 37″ x 33.5″, 2014

Sara Robichaud’s work is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Her works are extremely intricate and skillfully created. The artists’ surfaces range from untouched, raw canvas to three dimensional hard edges and lace filigree to multi-coloured, multi-faceted planes of iridescence. We’ve had a lot of fun with the work over the course of her solo exhibition, playing with lighting which dramatically transform each painting. When you turn off the lights, portions of the paintings that were in the background suddenly leap forward at you. We’ve also spent countless hours  trying to figure out which layer came first and how she conceived the process of this work in the first place.

The work is serious but playful, feminine but strong and completely inspiring. Don’t miss this show!!