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Angela Leach’s new series “Another Round” is a modern take yet psychedelic blast from the past referencing 1960’s Opt art such as artist Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. Through the meticulous use of line and color this new series challenges the division between real and illusion.

Leach’s piece “AR-Wave, 14, #1” (image shown) is an “abstract repeat” of line and shape where she has pushes the limits of low contrast minimalism to a point where line almost disappears. Roald Nasgaard describes Angela’s work in his book “Abstract Painting in Canada” (2007) as “dazzlingly juxtapose stripes or pattern of colour, closely packed and often sporting themselves in distorted, undulated waves that dizzyingly flow in and out of pictorial space, performing spatial swoops that make the stomach queasy, as in A.R. Wave # 59 (2003). “ The works in this new series are more mellow and mature and no longer affect the stomach. They instead create the illusion of three dimension and force the viewer to digest them slowly as their spatial illusions hypnotize and entrance.