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ACKERMAN-starry-night-2013-oiloncanvas-75x60inches “Starry Night (Studio Visit with Ron Moppett), Acrylic on Canvas, 60″ x 75”

This painting by Fiona Ackerman is part of a series of paintings of other artists’ studios which she called “It’s Not You, It’s Me”. In this work, Fiona photographed the studios of Jessica Eaton, Ron Moppett, Shawn Hunt, Lawrence Paul Yuxwelupten and Graeme Burglund and then went back into her own studio to reinterpret the images in her own visual language. Fiona says of this work, “These are not portraits of the artists involved, nor are they even portraits of their studios. And even if I claimed they where, what about the old truism that all portraits are self-portraits? Based on this, can we not conclusively state,  It’s definitely not you, it’s me.” 

In this painting, “Starry Night”, Fiona paints Calgary artist, Ron Moppett’s studio combining elements of his work in progress with her own gutsy painting style. We see a table top on a saw horse base with what is presumably one of Ron’s assemblage sculptures combined with Fiona’s dynamic and painterly splats, drips and marks. There is depth and perspective as well as a sense of surface.

Fiona is a brave painter who continues to take risks and experiment and that is why she will continue to be one of my favorite painters working today.