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Sometimes a piece of art encapsulates so completely, an emotion, a memory, a sense of something, that it literally takes your breathe away and leaves you feeling a bit stunned. It’s as if the artist looked into your heart and brain and pulled from you this exact thing, this piece that is so perfect.

For me, this is Harry Kiyooka’s Aegean paintings from the 1970’s. These paintings are Masterpieces. They are minimal paintings that study the quality of light and the colour of the sky of the Aegean coast. They are finely textured in pointillism, (so finely you can’t see it in the photographs but you can in person). I stand in front of this work and feel as though I am standing on a roof top in Greece, looking over the balustrade at the seemingly infinite Aegean sea, where sky and water merge without even the slightest horizon line. I can feel the heat and the soft breeze and a complete sense of summer on my skin.