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ImageSara Robichaud, “Pinky Honey”, Acrylic on Canvas, 75″ x 105″

Our Sixth Annual Art for Food Exhibition and Fundraiser opens today. For every $1,000 of art sold, we donate an emergency food hamper that feeds a family of 4 for an entire week. Over the previous 5 years we have fed over 100 families! 

We also use our gallery platform to raise awareness about the Calgary Food Bank and its clients. Did you know that 42% of Food Bank clients are children? That is the equivalent of filling the seats of the Saddledome three times! In fact, 1 in five parents in Canada said they skipped meals to ensure there was enough food for their children. 

There is a common misconception that people can simply go and line up every week for their groceries from the Food Bank. This is not true. The Calgary Food Bank is for EMERGENCY purposes only. 41% of clients only used the Food Bank once and 82% visited the Food Bank 3 times or less in their lifetime. Most clients are in fact, the working poor. The cost of food should not exceed 15% of the household budget but for low-income Albertans, it can be as much as 32%. A minimum wage of $9.95/HOUR earns a full-time employee approximately $17,910/YEAR before taxes, often with no benefits. 129,948 families and individuals from ALL neighbourhoods and ALL four quadrants of our city used the Food Bank last year. 

If you’ve been thinking about buying a piece of art – this is the time to do it! We are also accepting donations by Cash, Cheque and Credit Card. Tax receipts are available for donations over $20.00

Thank you from all of us at Herringer Kiss Gallery,

Deborah, Joe, Anna, Heather, Megan and Stephen.