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For one who has a sibling, I have heard many a time how similar the two of us are. This is usually followed by the two of us scrunching our noses looking at each other trying to find the resemblances where two very different people reside.  This past month I have become the outsider finding similarities between the two Kiyooka brothers Harry and Roy even though their works are quite different.

In the upcoming show A Parallax: Harry Kiyooka and Roy Kiyooka , Herringer Kiss Gallery is proud to exhibit  early works of both Harry and Roy side by side, and this is where connections start to form.  The parallactic correlation of the two brothers is astounding, when comparing Portraits or Serigraphs.  It does seem like they had the same vision but from a different angle. No matter how a like some things or some people can be there is always another perspective to differentiate between the two.  

Written by: Anna desRamauxImage