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“Continent” by Eric Louie, 76″ x 84″, 2014

Eric Louie’s latest paintings continue to develop his unique metaphysical language. He has always been interested in spatial dimensions that evoke realms of consciousness and memory. In these paintings for “Levels and Constructs”, he is pushing the spatial relationships by use of multiple planes and a new use of formal abstraction and geometric shapes. They speak of the natural order of things that both acknowledge and deny spatial illusion simultaneously. This is most brilliantly executed in the painting, “Continent” where the central shape seems as though it is lit from within, bopping on a dark edged surface like an iceberg in the ocean. “Continent” has a luminescent bouyancy at the same time as a self containing gravity. 

Vancouver based Eric Louie was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He began taking art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery at the age of nine and received his B.F.A. from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2002. He was the recipient of the Jason Laing scholarship while a student and has been exhibiting since graduation including the Art Gallery of Calgary. Eric Louie’s work is collected by many private and corporate collections including Encana Energy and the City of Calgary and he is known for his mural in the Fashion Central building on Stephen Avenue for Encorp Management.  

“Levels and Constructs” is on exhibit until April 5th.