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“Unisphere, Brooklyn”, 2013, Edition of 10, 30″ x 30″

Toni Hafkenscheid’s new exhibition explores structures build in the 1950’s-60’s. He has captured a feeling of nostalgia for a time of innocence, a time when the future was within our grasp, and a time where socially and politically our priorities were focused on discovery, competition, and science.

Each photograph is a mark in history that has been frozen in time and space. Each structure seemingly untouched by wear has been given new excitement for the potential of days ahead. A memory preserved with the nations dreams kept intact; Toni Hafkenscheid has explored an American future with a feeling of incorruptibility.

“Relics of the Future” is the name of our current exhibition and these photographs are the basis of a documentary, (soon to be released) by the same name. You can view a clip from this documentary at http://www.herringerkissgallery.com/#!toni-hafkenscheid/c5e3

The exhibition runs until March 1st and closes with a talk by Mitch Kern, head of photography at the Alberta College of Art + Design on ‘Fact and Fiction’ in photography.