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The ability to share and dole out information about ourselves has never been so easy.  Some treat blogs as a public diary, but for others it is a means of documentation and a way to present a wanting audience with more information.

One of our artists, Curtis Cutshaw, has kept a digital journal of his art practice on his blog:


His comments are raw and real, and from page to page there is a definite transition forming from his work.  Three new pieces from Curtis are up in the gallery, all of which are differing from his previous work.  Now Curtis is focusing on more hard edge, reductive painting on small panels which he then joins together to form one cohesive painting.  There are elements of abstraction, repetition, with hints of Cubo-Futurism and a raw reduction process within these pieces.  If one were to place Curtis’s new work beside his other works at the gallery, you would not know they derived from the same creator. However, looking at Curtis’s blog and see the transformation through drawings and test paintings, and pastel works there is definitely an incline of process and progress at hand.  We love seeing this in our artists, and we quite enjoy peeking into their studio worlds through their blogs. 

Winter Pool


Sudden Silence