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Inspired by the new film, “Watermark” by Edward Burtynski , Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier, we are celebrating artists at the Herringer Kiss Gallery who examine water in their art practise.

This week we’ve chosen Curtis Cutshaw because his drawings are inspired by the presence of water discovered in a specific area. Dowsing rods are used to find water underground; by taking two metal rods in each hand as you walk over the land the rods move involuntarily if there is water below. Being inspired by the power water has on it’s surroundings Curtis attached a pen at the end of a string to a dowsing rod and as he walked over the terrain he let the pen flow over a sheet of paper recording the movements of the dowsing rod. The power of water is great; manipulating the land, influencing infrastructure and life, and now in Curtis Cutshaw’s world, it is influencing his drawings.

The drawing above is an example of the organic images that are created. Curtis, after the dowsing rod does its magic, then chooses which lines to highlight and which details to accentuate. The drawings are then printed as large scale prints on archival paper to create large, glowing biomorphic images of water unseen beneath the surface of the Earth.

Image: “Save Version”, 42″ x 27″, Edition of 9