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Saturday, September 14, is the opening reception for Reinhard Skoracki’s exhibition at the Herringer Kiss Gallery. With all new works, Reinhard has filled the gallery with sculptures that are look at our human moral conundrums with a sharp, ironic humour. Another aspect I appreciate in Reinhard Skoracki’s work is how my own personal experiences will influence how I read a piece and that just makes the work resonate with me further.


 His piece titled ‘To the Point of No Return’ is of a figure two thirds the way up a ladder, holding the rungs that got him to where he is with more in place in the ladder up ahead of him. He can only go up from here, there is no going back! I can completely relate to the feelings of excitement and anxiety but Reinhard uses humour to cut through the tension, making me feel not alone in this situation.


In his piece, ‘Spice up Your Life’, a figure carries a very large hot red pepper over his shoulder as if it were a heavy sack. On the surface, this piece is obvious and funny but then you see how the figure struggles with his burden as if the pressure to spice things up in his life is what weighs him down. It’s almost a version of performance anxiety that everyone can relate with. 

Reinhard Skoracki’s exhibition, Wanderlust, runs from September 14 to October 12, 2013.

Written by Heather Campbell