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This photograph of a Tuscan castle under restoration plays tricks on your eyes. If you stand more than four feet back from it, you can’t tell if it’s a photograph or a painting. The colours and shapes seem too strong and defined to be a photograph of an actual interior, you think, surely this is painted. When you stand close to view the amazing detail the photograph disintegrates into abstraction, thick with layers and shapes that make your eyes twitch back and forth. The rays of sunlight are like laser beams into unreal reality. You can see which parts have been meticulously restored and places where the paint is still crumbling.  The powerful repetition and colours amaze, confound and dazzle. Built in a time and supported by a society that no longer exists and can never be replicated. This photograph is part of a David Burdeny’s latest series, “Traces of Time” on exhibit now at the Herringer Kiss Gallery.