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Calgary Sculptor, Katie Ohe, was born in Peers, Alberta in 1937 but has not
lived the typical life of someone born into a rural setting at such a time. She has traveled the world and studied art in Calgary, Montreal, New York City, and Verona, Italy. She has taught art at the Calgary Allied Arts Centre, the University of Calgary, Mount Royal College and at the Aberta College of Art & Design. Her students include world renown artists such as Christian Eckert and Evan Penny. Her influence is widely spread and deeply felt.

Katie defies age. She is a lithe and strong as any twenty year old, thanks
to a life long Yoga practice, a questioning mind and a open, gracious heart.
She has long, thick white hair that you can still imagine blonde and clear
blue eyes that seem to look right into a person’s soul. Her hands are strong and calloused
but she is unreserved about taking your hand in both of hers and keeping a
strong hold.

Katie makes large scale kinetic steel sculptures in her studio at the
Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, (KOAC) in Springbank, Alberta, just west of
Calgary. She once proudly told me the best way to get steel filings out of
her eyes after she’s been grinding part of a sculpture is a huge magnet
she keeps for just this purpose. You get the sense that Katie Ohe can do
anything and she makes people feel that they too can do anything. She is
truly magical.

This piece is titled “Venetian Puddle”, Bronze from 1978 and is on display now at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Photo of Katie Ohe by Dick Averns.