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Johannesson_suo universo subacqueo 2_sm`

Today’s piece is from our new exhibition which opens today. It’s
called “Suo Universo Subacqueo 2” by Laurel Johannesson. It’s a
photograph taken underwater of a young girl about to break through the
surface of the water. Her arms are behind her as if they are fins and
her head is arched back as she tilts her face towards the sunshine that beams into the water.  When I look at the piece I can hear those blurry underwater noises,
the sounds of children laughing in the distance and of splashing
water. It takes me back, completely to when I was a child and those
blissful warm days spent at the outdoor public pool in my home town.
Those days were the best.

 The photograph is printed on metallic photographic paper which brings
out sublet tones of copper, bronze and graphite in the work and which
is in rich contrast to the aqua blue. The photograph is then mounted
onto Plexiglas so the surface is glossy and wet and no frame is
required to distract from the illusion of memory recall.

Alas, the artist took these photographs in Venice, Italy, very far
from where I grew up but they pull me in and make me want to float on
the surface of that water with that sunshine on my face, just the
same. Maybe more so.

Good Day!