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Today’s Saturday Spotlight is a sculptural painting by Angela Leach titled “AR Wave Shape # 13”. It is 77″ high by 66″ wide and 3″ deep. Angela is a master deceiver, making your eye think this painting has a sculptured surface when it is, in fact, flat. The deception happens by adding the curved line to the surface and by cutting out the painting from the usual rectangular structure of painting. She also meticulously continues the painted curves around to the edges of the piece to make it really pop off the wall and the total effect is one of movement.
You may think Angela Leach is an Op Artist (interested in the optics of colour, shape and composition) but she’s actually more of a process painter. She is less interested in the optics that occur by placing a particular colour next to another and more in her Abstract Repeating patterns of colours. Angela Leach begun her career as a weaver and has brought this discipline of technique, the warp and weft of her colours to her painting. She is a meticulous artist. She deftly makes her structures herself and then hand draws her curved lines. She paints them with sign makers brushes which are long and have only a few hairs at the end. Each painting takes a minimum of 4 coats of acrylic to reach the level of opacity she likes. A laborious and time consuming process but each painting is a master class of craftsmanship.
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