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Today is Slow Art Day. I encourage everyone to take a minimum of 10 minutes to REALLY look at a piece of art. To ponder it, consider it, pay attention to it. How does it make you feel? How do you think it was made? What do you think the artist was thinking when they made it? I wonder if your feelings about the piece will change through this process? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Here’s a piece for our first “Saturday Spotlight”. A painting that I will be spending time with today. It’s titled, “Paula Prentiss” by HK Gallery artist, Ben van Netten. Paula Prentiss is an actress and this image comes directly from the movie, “Catch 22”, a satirical war film from the 1970’s. The artist has obscured the painting so now only the title gives you a clue of it’s origins. The painting is loaded with feelings of anticipation. The bright blue sky and the angle of the view point from below makes you think of the glow of young love and sunny days. Only upon reading the title and knowing the origin of the image, does the meaning change and thereby provide multiple readings of this piece. I think I will spend more than 10 minutes with this one!
Good Day!