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Have you ever considered commissioning an artist to make a work specifically for you and your space? Perhaps the idea is daunting and intimidating.

We recently installed a commissioned painting by Fiona Ackerman into a client’s office and both the artist and the client were thrilled with the process and the results. The client initially was nervous about undertaking a commission project but the gallery walked them through the process until they felt comfortable to proceed.

First we asked the client key questions to make sure a commission project was the right path. We need to know that the client is not looking to be the artist or the designer, who wants to dictate the style and content of the piece and thereby minimize the artist’s input to mere tradesperson. Commissions are for people who like an artist’s work but that artist simply does not have anything that is the right scale. The next step was that the artist and client, (who live in different cities) had a lovely chat on the phone about what the client would like in the painting. Fiona asked key questions such as, “Are there any colours you really dislike?” I went to the client’s office and measured the space and decided on the perfect scale for the space. Fiona then set to work on her computer, creating a virtual painting from which the client could provide final approval. Finally, Fiona went to work on the painting. (Click here to see a time lapse video of Fiona working on this painting!)Image The final painting was 9’ tall by 8’ wide and therefore wouldn’t fit through the doors so she painted on a foldable stretcher bar.

The painting then shipped directly to the client’s office where we met it upon arrival. It was unpacked, unfolded, re-stretched and hung on the client’s two storey wall all within one hour. The client was thrilled! The client felt very comfortable with the entire process and knew what would be the end result. A very successful project!

So don’t be nervous or shy to ask about commissions. It may not be right for you but then again, maybe it would be perfect!

Good Day!