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Welcome to my first blog!
I am Deborah Herringer Kiss, an art dealer and galleriest in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My eponymous gallery, The Herringer Kiss Gallery focuses on contemporary art from across Canada and the U.S. by emerging, mid-career and established artists and features all mediums that support interesting and engaging dialogue of the current art world.
In this blog, I will be writing artist profiles, featuring current exhibitions, revealing new works, sharing thoughts on exhibitions else where in the world, sharing art news and showcasing a new piece every Saturday in the “Saturday Spotlight”. I hope to engage in conversations with others who are passionate about contemporary art and understand the importance of art in our everyday lives.
To kick things off, here is a new painting by HK Gallery artist, Fiona Ackerman entitled “Tree of Knowledge”. This painting combines drawing and painting with graffiti elements and good use of positive and negative space. The large apple obviously refers to “original sin”. The left side of the painting contains more structure and linear, graphical elements while the right side features a more intuitive, free-style approach to painting, referring to the left brain / right brain theories. Even the text in the painting is on the left hand side, the side of the brain responsible for language. The artist seems to be stating that eating fruit from the tree of knowledge may mean exile from Eden but provides extraordinary gifts in lieu of blissful ignorance.
Good Day!